Book Summary

The Gods Women Have Gone Mad, is a satire on our modern world. Our fascination with religion and tradition and our failure to evolve with changing times. Rolami is a place where culture and tradition hold the fabric of society together. Its custodians are the gods of Rolami and their servants, the elders and the chief’s council. This council ensures no one dare defies them. The chiefs have the spoken oracle of the gods.

Lami the young daughter of a village chief leads a revolt against agelong tradition. The privileged daughter of a prominent village chief challenges age-long traditions. This is much to the chagrin of the ruling class and her family. This sets up a cataclysmic set of events that forever change their thoughts about women and the place of traditional beliefs in an ever-changing world.

Readers Reviews

This book was a page turner. A beautiful story about Lami who was a beautiful and courageous young lady and her journey in challenging one of the most controversial age old norm of her people. I found myself cheering her on of her fight. i also enjoyed the African proverbs too. It's really a beautiful book and I encourage you all to read it.
This novel is thought provoking and interesting whilst following Lami on her tough journey through life and her fight against the age long traditions she has to face. It’s a great read, thoroughly recommend it.
This book takes on a serious topic but it is written in a way that is very creative and entertaining. On the surface, it is a story about the origins of a "Me2movement" in a rural African setting but if you delve deeper it actually focuses on the role of critical thinking in a society. The writer challenges us to not stay silent, yet he wants us to, so as to appreciate all sides of the story. It leaves you reflecting yet it's filled with a lot of appropriate humor. Its a good debut from Wole Akosile, I recommend it to all.
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