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The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile

Wole Akosile

Wole Akosile is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. He is also an Afro-Australian author, novelist, and playwright. His works have been performed in several sold-out stage plays.


UK Blogger Steph Warren Review

Steph Warren praises the novel's honesty. Check her review.

Cheryl Holloway Interview

Enjoyed my interview with Cheryl Holloway, US blogger
Wole Akosile was a guest at Channels Television Book Club.

Australian Blogger's review

Zara, an Australian Blogger had heaps of interesting words to say about the book.

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Deanne Patterson has given a honest review on​ the novel.

ThisDay Newspaper Article

Check out the author's interview on thisday live.​

Australian Blogger's review

Zara, an Australian Blogger had heaps of interesting words to say about the book.

Guardian Newspaper Article

What an pleasant surprise to be featured in Guardian Newspaper's Arts article.

Talk at Insight Queensland

An extensive talk on culture at an event in Queensland.

Book Reviews

"The cover of this book draws me in. Taking place in a rural African village this book captivated me. it is raw,real and an amazing book. A very strong woman Lami is. She believes change is good and I do too. I appreciate attention being brought to this ancient practice that is still being practiced today.."
Deanne Patterson
" The potent and powerful tale regales the reader with the story of Lami, a self-absorbed and privileged daughter of the one of the village chiefs. Although not always likable, Lami challenges the status quo and patriarchal traditions as well as the subjugation of women."
Reader's Feedback
"It is a book that raises topical issues about the rights of a girl child in a historically patriarchal society. It deals with themes such as toxic masculinity and our profound preoccupation with a female’s sexuality and Chastity."
Folake Adeleye Popoola
Amazon Reader
"I was drawn into this story from the very first chapter often finding myself getting lost in the story and forgetting about what was happening around me. I had huge difficulty putting this book down. It’s a well written story even though the story is extremely harrowing. "
Book Reviewer

The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad

The gods of women have gone mad, is a satire on our modern world. Our fascination with religion and tradition and our failure to evolve with the changing times.

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